Month: February 2016

American Stories 1800–1950

Episode 3: Brooke talks with James Mundy of Vassar College about American Stories 1800-1950, an exhibition which features artists from the Hudson River School and runs through April 17, 2016.

Featured Image: The Francis Lehman Loeb Center at Vassar College

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Al Farrow: Wrath and Reverence

Episode 2:  Brooke talks with Alice Stites of the 21C Museum Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky about their Al Farrow: Wrath and Reverence exhibition.  Farrow has been crafting figures out of unorthodox materials like ammunition, steel, bronze, as well as clay since 1970.

Farrow’s work can also be found in the public collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the San Jose Museum of Art; the de Young Museum; the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco; and the collection of the State of Israel. Most recently, he has had solo exhibitions at the Aeroplastics Contemporary in Brussels and the Forum Gallery in New York City. Farrow has exhibited with Catharine Clark since 1994 and is also represented by galleries in Washington, D.C. and Brussels.

The Wrath and Reverence exhibit at 21C the shows religious images from churches, mosques, and temples in a new light to illustrate the fine line between war and peace, holy and unholy, sacred and secular.

Featured Image: 21C Museum Hotel –Louisville, Kentucky


Laura Spong at 90

Episode 1: Brooke talks with Wim Roefs of the if ART Gallery in Columbia, South Carolina about the Laura Spong at 90 exhibition.

Ninety year old abstract expressionist Laura Spong was doing her art in South Carolina for many years before people “got it.”  She says “It’s mostly just putting it on the canvas and then reacting.  The first line I put up, I react to that to do another line, so it builds itself in that way.  It’s frustrating, because it almost feels like you don’t have any control over the creativity.”

Not one to put on airs, Spong doesn’t pontificate about the meaning or importance of her work, but her resume speaks for itself. She has been featured at Charleston’s Spoleto Arts Festival, the Greenville County Museum of Art, the South Carolina State Museum, Charleston’s Smith Killian Fine Art, as well as on the set of the Lifetime television show Drop Dead Diva.