Month: March 2016

Andy Warhol, Ai Wei Wei

Episode 11: I spoke with Eric Shiner of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh about the Andy Warhol, Ai Weiwei exhibition that is going on June 4 through August 28, 2016.



This exhibit is basically his brainchild. He & Ai Wei Wei both collaborated on it. This is a pair that I wouldn’t have thought to put together, but the exhibit is a meeting of two artists that have more similarities and connections than meets the eye.

Andy Warhol c. Wikkimedia
Chairs, Ai WeiWei, c. Wikkimedia

Curtis Otto

Episode 10: I spoke with Tommi Drake of Grant’s Pass Museum in Oregon about the Curtis Otto exhibition.  Tommi was a personal friend of Otto’s and shared some inside stories about what a character he was and what his inspirations were, which was mainly his life on the West Coast. He had a really large collection of work, as he was always painting, but not interested in selling or exhibiting.


Curtis Otto


Grant’s Pass Gallery



North Coast Journal article

See Otto

Sewall Gallery


Curtis Otto Memorial

Times Standard article


David Ligare

Episode 9: Today I talk to Sarah Kate Gillespie, PhD, of the Georgia Museum of Art. We talk about the David Ligare’s ultra-realistic exhibition which is on loan to them from the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

David Ligare

David Ligare’s paintings on display in Carmel






Actual State

Episode 8: On this episode I talk to Noelle Ocon of the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. We talk about the art of preserving these priceless pieces of work so that we can enjoy them centuries later.

c. NC Museum of Art



Sculptural Drawings

Episode 7:  I talked to Anders Wahlstedt about his Sculptural Drawings exhibition. This looks really unique! The exhibition features three artists; Mel Kendrick, John Newman and Chris Macdonald.

Sculptural Drawings, c. Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art

We talk about his exhibit, his gallery, his hometown of Stockholm, the state of the arts in Sweden and how his professional squash-playing career led to the art gallery business.




Episode 6:  Today I talked with Theresa Bembnister of the Akron Art Museum about the Snack exhibition which is going on until  September 3, 2016.

c. Akron Art Museum

This one especially appealed to me because I love food!  We talk everything from Andy Warhol’s legendary Campbell’s Soup Can painting, to why food is so inspirational, to Akron’s talented art scene.



Ken Heyman

John Sokol

Ralph Steiner




Harvey Dunn

Episode 5: Today I talked with Lynn Verschoor about South Dakota, Homesteading, and why I’ve never heard of Harvey Dunn before. He’s the Midwest’s greatest secret. I’m going to try to have her on again. There is all kinds of great stuff coming out of South Dakota.

The Prairie is my Garden, Harvey Dunn



South Dakota Magazine

Argus Leader

Minnesota Public Radio




Episode 4: On this episode, I talked with Theresa Bembnister of the Akron Art Museum about NEO Geo which is going on until April 24, 2016.  The exhibition celebrates the work of local artists from Northeast Ohio.

Theresa didn’t know what to expect as she had never done a podcast before,  but she did a fantastic job. She was even keen to schedule some more chats about other exhibits. We’ll be seeing a lot more from the Akron Art Museum.

Neo Geo online brochure

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