Month: August 2018

My Saatchi pick for the week

A Blue Dog                                                            A Blue Dog

A Blue Dog

Original Ink Drawing, measuring: 11.42W x 8.27H x 0.04D Inches, by: Frederic Belaubre (France). Styles: Figurative and Illustration. Subject: Animal. Keywords: pet, tree, animal, dog, garden, grass, and nature

From the Cradle to the Boat

Episode 81: Today I talk with Michelle Maigret from the C24 Gallery in NYC. We talk about the fabulous group exhibition From the Cradle to the Boat. It is curated by Tommy HartungIt will be showing until August 25, 2018.


Justin Cloud, Club Foot


Installation shot, Tommy White, Useless; Monilola Ilupeju, Untitled Self Portrait #1 (To live freely in this body)


Installation shot: Jeremy Olson, Return to Formless Island

Installation shot: Miki Carmi, Red Dad


Clark Filio, Panzer and Girl


All images used with permission


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Lucy Paquette:The Hammock

Episode 80  : Today I talk to author, Lucy Paquette. My research brought me to her site. Her book The Hammock is about French painter, James Tissot. I had never heard of James Tissot, so I was eager to learn more. [I mispronounce his name at first ;)]. Apologies for the feedback sounds during the podcast.

Bad News (also known as The Parting), James Tissot

The Artist’s Ladies, James Tissot


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