Weekly Roundup 2/10-2/21

On Episode 104, I spoke with Kevin Wallace of the Beatrice Wood Foundation about his new book, Intersection: Art & Life. Check it out…

On Episode 103, I talked to Carol Minor, the fantastic sculptor. She was really fun to talk to.

My friend, Mike brings an art book on Abstract Expressionism to trivia every Wednesday night for me to look at. This week he brought one on Jawlensky.


Jawlensky is a Russian Abstract Expressionist, whose style evolved through the years…

but what he was doing in 1911 really reminds me of what my friend Lulu Schwall does with her Paper Dolls for your Walls series….

What I’m Reading:

The Lonely City by Olivia Laing

Recently heartbroken, the author finds solace in a new city. Not knowing anyone she takes company with the lives of renowned lonely artists and notable figures. She studies loneliness with the singer Klaus Nomi; entrepreneur, Josh Harris; Warhol shooter, Valerie Solanas, and the installation artist, Zoe Leonard in this part memoir, part analysis.

Went to Goodyear Arts to see A Collective Introspective .

Some highlights include…

Amy Bagwell

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