Month: June 2021

My chat with painter, photographer, Keli Reule

Episode 187: Today I catch up with now-Louisiana artist, Keli Reule [She was in Georgia when we last talked] She’s still doing cool stuff. We cover it all,  earning money,  switching gears. We get into some real deep, existential topics that she had a very informative and helpful perspective on.

She’s also got a solo exhibition at 801 Baronne St

keli reule art
Cinder, Keli Reule
keli reule art
Isle Dans La Mer, Keli Reule

All images used with permission, c. Keli Reule

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Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbites

Episode 186: Today I talk to Maite Gomez-Rejon of Artbites. She has created such a fabulous career combining her two passions [and mine]; food and art into classes, exhibitions and writing. It is so cool, I wanted to find out how she does it.

The Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art
Cooking at the Matisse exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art

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