Month: September 2021

MyLoan Dinh, Constellation CLT

Episode 192: Today I talk with MyLoan Dinh about her recent Constellation CLT feature at the Mint Museum. We talk about her history as an immigrant and a woman of color and how they intertwine to create her present collection of art. You can check out more of her work at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Collective History
Boom Boom Butterfly

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All images used with permission. c. Jeff Cravotta Photography

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Rod Wimer, Songs from a Pandemic

Episode 193: So my boyfriend and I went to one of our first exhibitions since CoVid, Songs from a Pandemic. My friend, Rod Wimer, like everyone else, found himself with a lot of extra time which he used to create beautiful paintings. Interestingly enough, this exhibition was planned pre-CoVid. All proceeds go to benefit Jonathan’s House for Orphans – Central African Republic and Ravens Uganda.

All photos used with permission.

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