Month: January 2022

My chat with Pop Artist, Martin Kreloff

Episode 201: Today I talk with artist, and teacher, Martin Kreloff. He is classically trained, but he found his niche in Pop Art. He’s been doing it for over 40 years, and can be credited with bringing Pop Art to Miami. He has painted many stars, including several 20th century ones like Cary Grant, Estelle Getty, Joan Crawford and Esther Williams [who have his pieces included in their collections]

I was particularly excited to see this one of Esther Williams, whose film Dangerous When Wet, I saw at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. [I called it Slippery When Wet in the interview…oops].

All images used with permission.

My chat with super-realist artist, Loren Valle

Episode 200: Today I talk to super-realist artist Loren Valle, who I met through Matt Elzweig. She’s fabulous. She is a nurse by day and an artist by night [sometimes vice versa]. She is the first artist to give me a description I can understand of how to actually do art that looks super real.

Silver fish. Oil, Traditional Art. 12” x 16” Cotton canvas panels. Created 2020

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