Listen as I talk Pura Vida life with Kristen England

Episode 561: Today I catch up with artist & gallery owner, Kristen England about her Galeria Pura Vida, in Costa Rica. She talks about how the gallery is a place for the people in her town to gather, cool off, take yoga, look at art, and just chill. Check out our first & second chats here.

All images used with permission.

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My chat with Galeria Pura Vida owner, Kristen England, about the Virgin Voyage exhibition

Episode 217: Today I chat with gallery owner and artist Kristen England. Her Galeria Pura Vida in Costa Rica is officially open. Pura Vida means not stressing the little things, allowing space for the infinite possibility of the positive. The first exhibition is Virgin Voyage.

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Kristen England

Episode 175: Today I chat with old friend Kristen England. She’s an artist and a new gallery owner. Galeria Pura Vida will be opening very soon in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Kristen is a born adventurer. We talk about the logistics of opening a gallery, moving to a foreign country, living the good life, and rejection. It is an inspiring episode. I also have new theme music by Corey Knoxville.

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All images by Kristen England, used with permission.

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