Twittering Machine, Klee

Paul Klee history

I found this delightful piece by Klee, done in 1922! Twitter should totally use it in their advertising!

The Twittering Machine is a combination of watercolor and pen and ink on paper. It shows a mix of biology and the machine with it’s sketched birds on a wire connected to a hand crank. Even though I may find it delightful in hindsight, it was largely seen as a nightmarish depiction of the triumph of mechanics over art. While others have seen it as a triumph of nature over mechanics, specifically a visual representation of sound.

This is what I love about art! There are so many different takeaways.

It was labeled as degenerate art by Hitler in 1933 and sold by the Nazis. It ended up in New York where it now hangs in the MoMa.

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