Fear & Dread

The other day, my anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks about all sorts of things. I decided to cure it with art.

So, I put together a collection of art that inspires fear & dread. Enjoy the art. If you want to purchase, click the link.

“I can’t breathe # 2 (street art)” – Original Artwork by Sandrine Michaux
“Portrait of old poet” – Original Artwork by Tran Tuan

“Forget About It” – Original Artwork by Frederick Nitsch

“Split Canvas No:2 (Yves Klein International Blue)” – Original Artwork by Otto Batuhan Turker

“Abstract composition M110” – Limited Edition Print by jesús perea

A lonely place…b

“Error” – Original Artwork by Grace Ann Cummings

I like the mixture of typography as well as the suggestion that error creates freedom from error….b

“Girl with a Saw Tooth Hula Hoop” – Original Artwork by Justin Curfman

Deliciously dark….b

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