Rich Mum, Poor Dad; Diego Tirigall

I am reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter and LOVING it!! I saw the painting Rich Mum, Poor Dad by Diego Tirigall, the featured artist in this exhibition and wanted to create a theme. Ironically the painting that inspired it all isn’t for sale as a part of the exhibition, but all others are. Just click to purchase. [p.s. I doubt Diego’s Rich Mum, Poor Dad was even remotely inspired by the book.]

“The poor, the middle class, the rich” – Original Artwork by Andrey Yakush

“Tax Free” – Open Edition Print by Diego Tirigall

“The rich man thought’s-(Featured)-” – Original Artwork by Rodrigue Semabia

Original Portrait Printmaking by Diego Art | Fine Art Art on Paper | POOR ME, I’M RICH

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