Armand Brac

Armand Brac art for sale

I really dig this Not Just a Classic Yellow collage by Armand Brac. It’s a paper collage on board that he created in 2017. This is Armand’s third Coup de Coeur, so you can probably tell I like his work.

Armand Brac lives in Paris, creating collages, which is something that sounds really cool to me. He says his studio is dangerously overloaded with books and craggy with walls of all kinds of papers.

He names Abstract expressionism is one of his strongest influences. His creative process gives the largest part to emotions and instinct. His collages are rough and richly colored with a strong sense of deconstruction. 

He cuts up his books, tears pages and leaves which he then incorporates into painted and drawn compositions.

Armand lives and works in Paris.

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