[another] Paul Brouns

Ok, I don’t usually like to repeat artists, but this is so cool that I couldn’t resist! This is another one by Paul Brouns. There is something I really dig about his bright, geometric pieces. They really appeal to my graphic sensibilities.

 He’s inspired by the rhythm, lines and color patterns of an abstract geometrical world.

The term Venice of the North refers to various cities in Northern Europe and North America that contain canals, comparing them to Venice, Italy, which is renowned for its canals (see Grand Canal). Some of these nicknames (e.g. in the case of Amsterdam) date back centuries, while others like Birmingham are very recently given and invented by the cities’ own public relations teams.[1]

A number of cities are referred to as Venice of the North, including Amsterdam, Birmingham, Copenhagen. Since the artist is from The Netherlands, I imagine he’s referring to Amsterdam.

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