Barbara Kruger, I Shop Therefore I Am

barbara kruger art

I really dig this I shop therefore I am screenprint on vinyl by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. This was done in 1987. A former page designer and typographer, Barbara uses her art to make political statements. This one is about, you guessed it, consumerism.

I am fascinated by typography. I love letters; I can truly see the beauty in them. She uses Futura Bold for her pieces. It’s one of my favorites too. You can totally see the designer in her and the way she uses type to create a message; the placement, the size.

The way she has the hand pointing at the “I” is critical as well. She is drawing attention to the “I,” criticizing the fact that society is no longer judged by what they think, but are deriving their self-worth by what they own.

You can see it at the  Hirshhorn Museum, in Washington DC.

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