Barbara Smith Gioia

Barbara Smith Gioia art for sale

I really dig this The River collage/painting by Barbara Smith Gioia. I love the lines, the color and the composition. Even though it’s abstract it brings a cooling, refreshing feeling, much like a river.

This collage painting was inspired by her view of the Hudson River which she walks along almost everyday. She wanted to capture the quiet mood that it invokes along with the energy created by the community; people, animals and boats.

Barbara is inspired by process. Her interest in painting, printmaking and collage has taken an interesting form in mixed media paintings that are tactile, graphic and painterly all at once. The works can include silkscreen, woodcut and monotype prints as well as charcoal, india ink and acrylics. Entering her mixed media paintings is like tumbling into life itself; exuberant and energetic.

Barbara lives and works in New York. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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