Bridget Davies, Catwalk Diva – Puffed Sleeves Painting

I really dig this Puffed Sleeves painting by UK artist, Bridget Davies. Its a part of her Catwalk Diva series, where she does these fabulous ink and paint drawings of catwalk models.

They are so elegantly simple. Just ink and paint creating a wash.

But don’t mistake simple for easy…

I can totally see my friend, artist Lulu Schwall digging them too, as she has a similar series called Paper Dolls for your Walls.

And actually Bridget says that her initial inspiration for her human figure drawings came from the paper dolls she played with as a child.

Bridget is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Kent, UK. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my special link to purchase.

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