Camille Pissaro, The Tuileries

Camille Pissaro art

I really dig this The Tuileries painting by Camille Pissaro. It looks just like a photograph to me. He’s done many of the same view at different times of day, in different lighting.

This is part of a series of paintings he painted from his apartment window at 204 rue de Rivoli, Paris, in January 1899. The view looks over the Tuileries towards the Seine, with the spires of the Church of Sainte-Clothilde on the right.

Pissaro is considered the father of the Impressionists, as he was much older and acted as a father-figure to them. Paul Cezanne summed up a the Impressionists’ opinion of him; “he was a father for me. A man to consult and a little like the good Lord.”

Not sure why [because he is FAB-U-LOUS], but, today, Pissaro is probably the least-known Impressionist, even though he was the one who had been in the group the longest and the only one to have exhibited in all eight Impressionist exhibitions organized between 1874 and 1886.

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