Krista May, Catlady original painting

krista may original art for sale

I really dig this Catlady original painting by American artist, Krista May. It is acrylic on canvas and It totally depicts that magical moment when you are holding and snuggling your cat. She does Pets Art in a very classy way. The perfect mix of impressionism and expressionism.

Under the flowers and into my arms,
chubby kitty with all of his charms.
they call me a catlady and that may be true
takes one to know one yes Im talking to you

Krista has been painting her whole life, but only recently focused on cats.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my #artist, #kristamayart, #cats, #ipressionism, #expressionism, #featuredartist, #minimalism, #petsart, #photorealism

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