Changsoon Oh

This is by Changsoon Oh, a Saatchi artist. I completely dig this! Not just because it looks so cool…love the brushstrokes; but I was born in the Hudson River area. All of her pieces have those cool brushstrokes. They look so tactile. I just want to touch them…but I won’t.

Changsoon says of her art, “My paintings are narratives based on landscape – not literal representation of the natural word, but rather, abstract accounts of my responses to those places, in their stillness and movement, color and sound. The act of painting allows me to re-engage the memory of a particular place while also gaining a greater understanding of the universality of nature. Every sea, every meadow, recalls another one seen, walked, smelled and heard– while meriting its own unique response as well.”

I really dig this because even though I remember very little from the New York I lived in, I have abstract memories of my time there. So in a way, I feel as though I can claim this as a memory, if that makes sense.

Changsoon is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Tempe, Arizona. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my Shop Walgreens Online