Chris Veeneman

Chris Veeneman art for sale

I totally dig this painting, Between Spaces, by Chris Veeneman. It is so dark. The coloring and the fragment of his face really makes for a unique and stark composition. It definitely holds your gaze. It almost looks like a black and white photograph. He kind of reminds me of Morrissey. But I don’t think it is.

He is known to use unique media, including plexiglass. He says;

My work tends to evolve rather quickly as I like to experiment with and explore different themes and techniques. My abstract paintings are inspired by nature, but they are a way to work with the physical aspects of oil paint and the interactions of the colors. Another aspect of my work is varying the surfaces on which I paint. For example, I use plexiglass as a medium, superimposing several layers and creating an interplay of light and shadows between them. Other media include metal and Corian. Brushed stainless steel, for example, provides an interesting way to use the reflection of light in landscape compositions as the painting changes aspect according to the angle of the viewer.

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