Christo & Jeanne Claude, Wrapped Cans, 1958

Christo and Jeanne Claude

I really dig this Wrapped Cans installation by Christo and Jeanne Claude. They are a married couple who have produced some really great art in the ’50s! I had never heard of them before.

They are known for large art, often wrapping landmarks like the Wrapped Reichstag in Germany, and The Gates in Central Park. Since their work was so large, it typically took a lot of time and resources to complete. They refused to take donations, though. Instead, they funded everything with sales from their own art.

These cans significantly smaller scale. Christo started wrapping bottles and cans when he moved to Paris in 1958 and wrapped the rest of his life. His collection of wrapped cans were referred to as his Inventory.

Jeanne Claude died in 2009 and Christo, in 2020. There were plans to continue wrapping the Arc d’ Triomphe in 2020, but following his death the plans were cancelled.

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