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Cindy Zhan, Another Road painting

I really dig this Another Road painting by American artist, Cindy Zhan. It is oil on canvas. For one, I love the composition. Second, I love the symbolism. I love the idea of roads as figurative journeys we all take in life.

[I can personally relate to the car that is veering off the road].

She says, We have many roads in our lives.Every day you or I will go on some road —some dull , some boring,some may not has good view, but it will bring us to the place we want to go—school,work,the store,home… roads,It connects us to each other.

She says her work is inspired by her life and she refuses to be constrained by a style. She says no style is my style.

Cindy is in the Saatchi galery. She lives and works in NC. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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