Deborah Stevenson #3

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Well, this is my 3rd Deborah Stevenson piece. I totally dig this neo-dada stuff! This completely rocks! It is paper on paper, so they are cut-outs. It kind of reminds me of paper dolls.

The mashup of Degas and Renoir is completely unique, creating a whole new, original piece, where by the window a woman sits, dreaming a beautiful dream is a sort of “readymade” and makes me very happy.

Deborah Stevenson has painted for over 30 years. She is interested in the ‘geometry’ and balance in the world around us, as observed in the quotidian views of skies framed by power poles, phone lines, edges of buildings at twilight, etc.  She prefers to paint with oil paint.

“I love the physicality of the medium: it is smelly, it is sensual – it is fast, and it is slow.”

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my" target="_top"> Original Women Collage by Deborah Stevenson | Dada Art on Paper | Rembrance Of Things Pastlink to purchase.

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