Dominique Vangilbergen

I totally dig this piece, Waterscopies#54 by Dominique Vangilbergen. Would you believe it’s a DRAWING! Pencil, Acrylic, Charcoal on wood.

The Waterscopies are an entire series of studies on wood belonging to the second element in the “Four Elements” series, that of Water. Nature’s essence, the most mercurial of all the elements, Water combines with Earth, Air and Fire to sustain all of life. In his Waterscopies, Dominique Vangilbergen continues his exploration of the poetical paradox of this heavily symbolic element, whether harnessed within the four walls of an aquarium, retained by a one-sided dam, or in the alternative untamed, free-flowing, rhythmic and mirroring our own inner psyche. In the artist’s hands, the waterscope device has become a symbolic eye onto a world shaped by seemingly irrational forces, a nod to our origins in, and dependency on, this fickle medium, a reminder that we are but droplets in the vast ocean of life.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my" target="_top"> Original Abstract Drawing by Dominique Vangilbergen | Abstract Art on Paper | waterscopie#54link to purchase.

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