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I am really digging this Olives print by Echo Ding. I love Asian art. The color choice is perfect. I love the definition. I love the placement on the canvas. The original is watercolor. The print is giclee on canvas.

This is a poem called Olives by Donald Hall

“Dead people don’t like olives,”
I told my partners in eighth grade
dancing class, who never listened
as we fox-trotted, one-two, one-two.

The dead people I often consulted
nodded their skulls in unison
while I flung my black velvet cape
over my shoulders and glowered
from deep-set, burning eyes,walking the city streets, alone at fifteen,
crazy for cheerleaders and poems.

At Hamden High football games, girls
in short pleated skirts
pranced and kicked, and I longed
for their memorable thighs.
They were friendly—poets were mascots—
but never listened when I told them
that dead people didn’t like olives.

Echo Ding is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Shanghai.

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