Elyce Abrams

Elyce Abrams art for sale

I totally dig this painting, Three, by Elyce Abrams. I picked it for the first Coup de Coeur of the new year because it has bright and happy colors, yet it is ordered and structured without being too boring. [which I guess, you could say is my hope for the new year].

I can only guess what the Three represent. For me, they could represent any number of things; the Trinity; and body- mind-spirit, to name a couple right off the top of my head. For the someone else, even the artist, it could be any other three things.

Elyce’s paintings, stem from moments that occur in her everyday life, at home as well as events in the world at large. In her paintings she explores the relationship between abundant joy and deep concern that often shapes our lives. By analyzing these forces in her work, she is able to further process and understand their value, often finding new meaning in color, composition, and movement.

Elyce Abrams is a Saatchi artist. She lives and works in Philadelphia.

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