Ezra Bejar

I completely dig this, for a number of reasons. I love the medium; printmaking. It looks so cool! It’s also kind of different; [meaning I don’t see it every day].

Probably the main reason I dig this so much is the subject. I love this era. Einstein is pretty cool too.

In 1930, Albert Einstein received an invitation to meet with Nobel prize winner Robert A. Millikan at the Caltech, in Pasadena, California. He took the long trip from Germany to the US via Antwerp, Belgium on the SS Belgenland, a red star ocean liner. His journey took him to Havana, Cuba, where he met on board with the artist’s great grandfather (the gentleman with the bow tie on the right). In the picture are Albert and Elsa Einstein, Walther Meyer and Ezra’s great grandfather, also Ezra Behar, with two other members of the community.

What a cool piece of history!!

Ezra Behar, the artist, lives and works in San Diego, California.

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