Frida Kahlo, The Dream (The Bed)

Frida Kahlo art

I really dig this recently unearthed The Dream (The Bed) painting by Frida Kahlo. It was done in 1940 and It had never been seen before. It looks pretty ominous and knowing what I know about Frida, it wouldn’t be surprising to know her sleep was fraught with terrifying dreams.

In actuality, though. She actually did sleep with a skeleton on the canopy of her bed. It was a momento mori; a reminder that death is never far. Note that Frida is sound asleep and the skeleton is wide awake. [Probably because he is wired with explosives].

In Mexico, death is celebrated, not feared.

Frida is known for her self-portraits. As she put it, she didn’t have many other subjects.

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