Georgia O’Keefe, Manhattan

I really dig this Manhattan painting by Georgia O’Keefe! For one, I’ve never seen it before. Two, it is very unlike all of her other stuff, while at the same time, there is no doubt that it’s hers. I’m used to unique perspectives and close-ups of flowers. I have never seen a cityscape until today. [It is actually a pretty well-known series of hers].

I knew she liked to paint her hometown in New Mexico, but had not realized that she lived in NYC for a time. She was actually one of the first artists to live in a skyscraper in Manhattan. In the mid-1920s, she and her husband Alfred Stieglitz, had an apartment on the thirtieth floor of the Shelton Hotel.

This view inspired a series of works from her window. She couldn’t help but add her signature floral touch. It creates a work that is uniquely her own.

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