Grace Runhare

I totally dig this Hidden Faces painting, by Grace Runhare. It looks like a group of abstracted people or suggestions of people, but they don’t have faces! The concept might ordinarily be a little creepy, but they are surrounded by bright and happy colors, so I feel no anxiety.

It is actually kind of a cool notion that all people are anonymous or faceless in some sense. It is a feeling all can relate to. I like to use it to my advantage. When I am in a crowd of people I don’t know…who find me faceless…it is a blank slate. I have the freedom to take risks I normally might not take.

Grace Runhare is a self-taught artist. She creates art to tell a story and create a history of where she’s been. She lives and works in Brussels Belgium. She is in the Saatchi gallery. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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