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Heather Goodwind, The Mirage, Series 31 #23 painting

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I really dig this The Mirage painting. It is series 31, #23 to be exact. It is acrylic on canvas. It is an expressionist figurative illustration. The series tells an overall story, but each piece has it’s own story.

I’d like to know the story. The snake looks very friendly. I wonder what kind of adventures he gets into…

It has an elegant simplicity about it and a cleverness about it. It would look perfect in a nursery or child’s room… or my room

All paintings in Series 31 incorporate high quality traditional media including acrylic paint, pigment-based India inks, and graphite. The canvas is El Greco absorbent ground canvas, the image size is 8×10 and the overall size is 11×13 including selvage.

She says, My process is modeled after the methods of improvisational theater. I make a first mark, then ask myself, “if this is true, what else is true?” I repeat this process with the addition of each new element, using personal experience to shape the final image.

Heather is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Oregon. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my special link to purchase.

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