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I really dig this Clown painting by Jiri Prochazka. For one thing, it doesn’t look like a clown, which would probably scare me. Second, I love, love, love the abstract composition and colors. Third, the statement under the painting is intriguing. It reads, a monument to the one that never came, which brings to mind all kinds of sad stories

He says, In each of my paintings there is the hidden energy that you should feel.

I feel it and I dig the energy, which is positive…unlike clowns.

Jiri is a painter who combines his graffiti past cold Ostrava expressivity. On his canvases side by side, you can see how space shapes based on graffiti and wild splatters and broken, which is disturbed. If you make a flyby his whole work, you’ll find that this imaginary axis between the fixed shape and explosions are constantly moving back and forth. Sometimes it is three-dimensional painting, sometimes devoid of dimensions. Geometric and yet expressive roaring. It is for each visitor that will move across the axis, or on just one detail.

Jiri is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in the Czech Republic.

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