Jo Dennis

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Now, this is something I completely dig! This is a photograph, Caroline Gardens Chapel No.8 from Jo Dennis. I always say, part of being a photographer is choosing what to shoot The best photographers can take something very ordinary…something no one would have thought to take a picture of…and make it beautiful.

The composition is superb. I really like it that it doesn’t look like a photograph. It looks like a painting!

The subject of these series of photographs are the beautifully distressed walls of Caroline Gardens Chapel AKA Asylum in Peckham, London. She focuses on the way in which we, as human beings, are present and subsequently effect our surroundings and leave a mark on our world.

The Chapel was bombed in the blitz and left without a roof for 20 years, so it basically went unused for 50 years. She says, it is an amazing example of time held captive with a narrative etched into its walls. There is a poetry and a profundity to the erosion of the walls.

It was shot on a medium format camera using special lighting. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag – the highest quality matte photographic paper.

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