Joseph Coniff, Panel Composition 30

Joseph Coniff art

I really dig this Panel Composition 30 collage by Joseph Coniff. It’s a collage of wallpaper and enamel on panel. I don’t know that I would have immediately chosen the gray background color, but I’m glad he did, because it looks great.

I’ve always looked to the readymade as my primary material… and collage is no exception. The bits and fragments of paper that make up a collage all have an origin and in-depth history. When merged, these collaged materials create a narrative, something entirely new laid out within each composition.

I’ve always been fascinated with the readymade or “found object.” Just the recycling process. Deeming something art because you say it is. I mean, it’s a little daring, don’t you think? I never thought of a collage as “readymades,” but they totally are.

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