Joshua Armitage

I am really digging this Trees painting by Joshua Armitage. Its part of a series This one shows trees in a park in South London. He wanted to catch the high contrast in the greens when the sun was bright and simplify the picture down in to planes of colour.

I love greens and his use of abstraction. You might not know right off that these are trees, just looking at it, but when you see the title, you’re like, ah yes.

He says, Always look closely at my paintings as part of their appeal for me is the surface quality of the paint. I am more often than not inspired by abstract painters like Gillian Ayers and De Kooning so the way I apply the paint is just as important as the image that is been painted.

Joshua is a Saatchi artist, he lives and works in the United Kingdom. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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