Judy Chicago

I feel I would be remiss not to include Judy Chicago. She is provocative and controversial, for certain, but an important part of art history, nonetheless.

Judy Chicago is one of the early pioneers of Feminist Art, of which Through the Flower is. prime example. Chicago felt that women not represented in the art world, so she created paintings that questioned the male dominated art world with provocative, radical imagery that scandalized some and inspired others, but always left them talking.

Through the Flower is a painting, which shows the beginning of less abstract work for Judy Chicago. It’s pretty obvious what it is. It is unapologetic and intentionally crass, which is part of the reason I like it. She wanted to draw attention to what she thought had been unfairly obscured in other paintings throughout history.

It is also the name of a nonprofit program that wants to bring art, specifically women’s art and history to the forefront. The goals are to inspire and to create change. They do this through public programs, lectures, and workshops.

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