Kazimir Malevich, Composition with the Mona Lisa, 1914

Kazimir Malevich art

I really dig this Composition With the Mona Lisa painting by Kazimir Malevich. He reminds me a lot of Kandinsky. But he was well before Kandinsky. He basically invented Suprematism, which is a movement a lot like Cubism.

I think this is so cool because it looks like a collage, yet he had to have painted the replica of the Mona Lisa. It’s not like he would have found such a picture anywhere.

Kazimir created this piece at a time he had rejected reason. He wanted to be free from objective representations, which were primary to creating most paintings then. This was politically and artistically revolutionary. At the time, Stalin had deemed non-representational art a type of “bourgeois” art, that could not express social realities. His works were confiscated and he was banned from practicing his art, and consequently arrested for doing so.

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