Kristin McCoy

Kristin McCoy

I really dig this painting, Sunflower Field. This is another one by Irish artist, Kristin McCoy. I LOVE sunflowers. Always have.

I particularly like this one because the sunflowers are a little more subdued than usual, yet they are still beautiful. It’s an abstracted view of a field of Sunflowers, under a beautiful blue sky.

Kirstin’s art is about capturing the essence, spirit, and energy of the world around her. She says it’s as much about the invisible as the visible. And if so is!

Many of Kirstin’s paintings have a unique minimalistic almost abstract look making them very distinctive. Some of her paintings are also distinguished by an energetic, extremely vigorous, and free treatment of often thickly applied paint using brushes and palette knives.

Kirstin is very interested in the expressive power of color and how certain colors can trigger different emotions.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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