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Luzia Lage, The Education print

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I really dig this The Education print by Surrealist artist, Luzia Lage. It’s a limited edition print. 12 of 50, in fact. It comes framed, signed.

Not sure what she intended to portray through this, but what hits me first is that Education is kind of like pulling strings, in the sense that we need to be critical of what we let pass through our mind.

It looks like a young lad having his “mindstrings” pulled. It kind of reminds me a little of snakes

I’ve seen too many seemingly “educated” or “smart” people be caught up in clearly wrong “groupthink,” as Orwell called it.

Luzia is in the P55 gallery. She lives and works in Portugal. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my special link to purchase.

What do you see?

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