Mario Henrique

Marlo Henrique art for sale

I totally dig this print, Spontaneous Ballerina No. 2 by Mario Henrique. I love ballet. I especially love the “scrawl” treatment he’s used with it. It is such a deviation from the classical nature of ballet and I adore it!

Mario Henrique is fascinated by the unpredictable nature of human behavior — the brief glances, the impermanence of facial expressions, and the sudden movements. His abstracted portraits capture just that, with splashes of paint, washes of color, and sidelong glances.

Spontaneous Ballerina No. 2, Blue Series comes in a limited edition of only 25 prints. Once all 25 of the prints in this edition size have sold out, there will be no other prints of Spontaneous Ballerina No. 2, Blue Series available in the size of 12 inches high by 9 inches wide. Limited edition prints of this artwork may be available in other sizes.

Mario is in the Saatchi gallery. He lives and works in Cascais, Portugal. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my “>link to purchase.

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