Mark Rothko Untitled 1968

Mark Rothko art

I really dig this Untitled piece by Mark Rothko. He did it in 1968. It reminds me of a candy cane. I love how the red bleeds onto the pink. It makes me think of Christmas. It is a very happy painting for me.

It’s acrylic paint on paper, mounted on a panel. This is done in his signature “multiform” style, which he started later in his life. Before that he had done more illustrative, representational paintings. But he found these more simple abstract figures a “breath of life.” They were filled with possibility.

He was particularly inspired by literary mythology as well as surrealism, dada, cubism and fantastic art. I like it that it is abstract enough for anyone to put their own meaning on….and you can be sure that whatever you think of was probably not his idea.

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