Nives Palmic

“ORDERLY WORLD Ink Drawings Series” – Open Edition Print by Nives Palmi�

I so dig this! It is so eye-catching and when I saw the title…Orderly World…it just completely rang true for me. 

My first interpretation…not sure it was the artist’s…was that the background kind of looked like a “world,” which was broken down into pieces, creating a type of order.

My second interpretation was that “orderly” is different for everyone. Someone else might look at the painting and see chaos, but others [including myself] see a different kind of order. The abstract image is broken down into geometric shapes, which is kind of how I try to bring order to big projects or tasks.

That is the cool thing about art, it keeps hitting you with different insights. Again, not sure what Neves had in mine when she created this. She is an artist, a teacher, and an author who lives in Slovenia.

You should check out Nives stuff on Saatchi. Here is a link to purchase this one, if you like it as much as I do.

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