Paul Brouns 4

I am really digging this Up Where We Belong photograph by Paul Brouns. It’s no surprise because it’s his 4th featured piece on here. I am truly a fan.

I like this not only for it’s great composition, but because it keeps you looking upward. In these troubled times, I find my perspective a little down in the dumps, but an image like this points me upward and it’s a complete physiological transformation.

Seen in Berlin, Germany. The multitude of rectangular windows on a curved surface is very pleasing to the eye. Especially with the added depth dynamically across the visual plane. The blue window reflections offer a very nice contrast to the smooth white surface of the facade.

Paul Brouns conveys the the abstract, rhythmic poetry of buildings. It is a unique way to look at something we don’t normally think of as artistic. He lives and works in The Netherlands.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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