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I really dig this Independence Day painting by Peter Hildebrand. When I look at it, I see inspiration in the bright colors and stars amongst the gray buildings. I see it as a “rising from the dust” sort of thing. However, that is not at all how Peter intended. His is a darker message.

My body of work over the last few years involves a narrative that is centered around the American systems theorist and futurist Buckminster Fuller as symbolized by the geodesic dome as a an ideal structure. That ideal is one of American Utopianism and its relative failure, particularly since the the mid 20th century.

Aspects of Modernism, the beatnik and hippie movements, punk rock and other musical forms of status quo rejection, all revolve around Fuller (and other visionaries such a Nikola Tesla, who died alone and in debt in the New Yorker Hotel, suffering from mental illness) as a metaphor for the collapse of American belief systems.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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