Richard Martin Vidal, La Constancia Painting

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I really dig this La Constancia painting by Spanish artist, Richard Martin Vidal. It means “the consistency.” It is watercolor on wood.

I find just the thought of the consistency of the snail to be very inspiring, but the artist has better words than me. He says:

Curvisme – curvismo – curvism
There is a search for the curve as an element of
language. The gestuality. The inherited and nascent inner impulse.
In the words of Eduardo Chillida:
“I believe that virtue is near
of the right angle, but not in it “.

The color as an instrument of expressivity. Pure and simple. The color, range and intensity of Mark Rothko, Color Field Painting, and sometimes energy, Action
Painting, they fascinate me.

The grafía and the symbolism look for the incorporation of signs
who share a common universal language between
cultures or ethnicities.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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