Rosemary Burn

Rosemary Burn art for sale

I really dig this! Rosemary Burn’s Christmas Balls. I wanted to do a Christmas theme, without being too… you know, commercialized or even religious. But this is perfect! It’s a rare capturing of a common theme. At first I thought it might be Van Gogh’s image in the ball, but I don’t think it is.

Then, it could be, really anyone.

I like that the immediate glance draws you in…it’s kind of funny….and then you can draw all sorts of conclusions and perspectives. And the face in the second ball didn’t hit me a day later.

This is a still life of a simple subject, capturing the reflections and rich colours in a sphere.

Rosemary Burns is a Saatchi artist. She is inspired by the people and objects she encounters every day. She goes back and forth between Impressionism and Realism in her compositions. She lives and works in the UK.

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