Serpil Umit, Green Demijohn Painting

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I really dig this Green Demijohn painting by Turkish artist, Serpil Umit. It is so realistic. It looks like a photograph, but can you believe it’s watercolor??

Not only is the picture absolutely pristine, but the title is pretty cool too! I didn’t know what a demijohn was. It’s another name for a carboy, which I also hadn’t heard of. It’s a 4 to 6 liter container for fermenting beer or wine. It is also called a Lady Jeanne.

She loves painting in watercolor, which seems to work very well for her because she paints a lot of these glass bottles, and they are all amazing!!

Serpil is in the Saatchi gallery. She lives and works in Istanbul. If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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