Tamila Vdovina, Hitler painting

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I really dig this Hitler painting by Ukraninan artist, Tamila Vdovina. I know it seems strange…and no, I”m not a neo-Nazi or anything. But I do like the look of this….and it it weren’t for the title, it could be anything I want it to be! It’s abstract.

However, Tamila meant it to work through her problems by what she calls Icon Rhythms.

The topic arose spontaneously on the basis of a painful threshold that arose on a moral level.
I was in a desperate situation because of corruption oppression by Ukrainian officials.
Having no hope of saving my freedom and even my life, I was hoping for self-destruction of the enemy.
In the ear is the trigger of the pistol.
This picture was written in anticipation of a number of events in Ukraine.
As some of my other paintings – this premonition, which soon came true, as soon the war began and still innocent blood is spilled, because as before human life in the hands of the rulers has no value.
The society itself generates monsters and despots.
The society raises monsters and despots on thrones.
Society becomes a victim of monsters and despots seated on the throne.
But the victims love their executioners.
And history repeats in a spiral.
This picture is a razor blade in the turn of my views on life and creativity.

If you dig this as much as I do, here is my link to purchase.

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