Bree Stallings, Charlotte muralist and mixed-media artist

Episode 127: Today I talk to Bree Stallings about her gorgeous murals and public art around Charlotte. She’s got a really great story and uses her art to bring good to our city.

Condom Couture Fashion Show – 2018
Helped to raise over $98,000 for Planned Parenthood Southeast by designing wearable fashions using over 2,000 of everyone’s favorite prophylactic. Belongs in private collection.
Modern Poverty Art Show
Secrets Of A Charlotte Kid: A Pattern of Radical Honesty
Behailu Academy’s Modern Art History and Acrylic Painting Spring 2018 Class

Blessing Box Campaign – 2018
Using 20,000 public-submitted, handwritten acts of kindness, from which 10 selected artists created projects. Over two community days with students, we wove the acts of kindness into different forms. I made two wearable dresses inspired by the idea of “what would we look like if we wore the acts of kindness and the way we treated people?”. 

All images used with permission. c. Bree Stallings

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Rosetta DeBerardinis

Episode 51:  Brooke talks with accomplished visual artist Rosetta DeBerardinis about her art, her inspiration, her process and about her experience as an artist.  DeBerardinis is a New Yorker who now has a full-time studio practice in Washington, D.C., just a short walk away from Capitol Hill.  Her large abstract paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, commercial galleries and art venues and included in both public and private collections.  She has won awards from the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities and has been featured in The GuardianThe Washington Post, and Richmond Times-Dispatch and other publications.

Before embarking on a career as a full-time artist DeBerardinis was a corporate attorney, a playwright, a writer and editor with numerous by-lines, as well as a competitive fencer who trained with the U.S. Olympic Team.  She also happens to be a lively and insightful conversationalist.

To learn more DeBerardinis and her art please visit her website at rosettadeberardinis.com.

Abstract-Six (1)6. DeBerardinis-Tossin and Turning web

5.DeBerardinis- Hop Scotch


05. DeBerardinis.Flash Point4. A Moment of Silence- web1-Into_the_Light

1 web Abstract Five_011


1 email



No Boundaries: Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting

Episode 43:  Canvases that manifest an art tradition going back tens of thousands of years. Brooke talks with Henry Skerritt, the curator of No Boundaries: Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting, which will be at the Cornell University Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art in Ithaca, New York until August 14, 2016.  Skerritt explains how the paintings in this exhibition reflect a genre that has traditionally been ceremonial and impermanent.  Although the artists that are featured in No Boundaries have created works that are hung in museums and private collections all over the world, the art is more about the process than the product. All nine showcased artists paint in full awareness that each viewer’s experience with a work of art will be unique from that of the artist.

Henry Skerritt, in addition to being a curator, is also an art historian and songwriter, and is currently a doctoral candidate in the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh.  He originally hails from Perth in Western Australia and his knowledge of and passion for Aboriginal Australian art provide insight into a genre that is in many ways different from other world art traditions.

HFJ-NB-2L-iiiDavid O. Brown/Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University


HFJ-NB-2L-iiDavid O. Brown/Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University

HFJ-NB-2L-iDavid O. Brown/Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University

HFJ-NB-1L-iiDavid O. Brown/Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University


Featured Image: David O. Brown/Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University



Dastan Gallery

Episode 35 : On this episode I talk with Hormoz Hematian of the Dastan Gallery….all the way in Iran! (He was visiting his family in Canada when we chatted.) I first read about Hormoz in an article describing some Iranian artists and curators’ efforts to bring the art scene back to its former glory.


7.MossavarNameh-GroupExhibition-Nov2015-Photoby AliZanjani

Fereydoun Ave_ References, Clues & Favorite thingsSO7A0290 low resIMG_2425_low Res5.MossavarNameh-GroupExhibition-Nov2015-Photoby AliZanjani2.DrawingofFarhadGavzan_MG_6368_MG_3478

All images used with permission.



Jake Berthot: In Color

Episode 19: Brooke talks with Betty Cunningham of The Betty Cunningham Gallery in New York about the Jake Berthot exhibition.

jake berthot

c. Betty Cunningham Gallery

Jake Berthot
Sometimes It’s All I Want 1995
Oil on linen
22 x 18 (55.88 x 45.72 cm)

Jake Berthot, the chariot...

c. Betty Cunningham Gallery

Jake Berthot
The Chariot, Ghost Dream and The Candle (After Dylan Thomas), 1991
Oil on linen
42 x 48 in. (106.68 x 121.92 cm)

Featured Image:  Jake Berthot, 105 (Studio), 1990Oil on linen
30 3/4 x 20 3/4 in. (78.11 x 52.71 cm)
signature on back JB15305