My gallery is open! I call it CONSTRUCTION  for many reasons. The word is defined as something formed, or constructed by parts. It implies building something huge…it implies progress; the creation of an abstract entity. But my favorite definition is, an interpretation or an explanation… All great ideas related to talking about art.

I’ve picked some of the best pieces from artists near and far that would be wonderful additions to any collection. You can also check out my Coup de Coeur selections, which I update daily.

This month’s featured artist is Brad Antifolk. We actually go way back to high school, so it’s really cool to have him in my gallery.

Some interesting things about him is that he was so inspired by coloring books and comic books as a child…his first intro to art…that he outlines everything. All his paintings are covered in Art Resin to preserve the color, but also so you can touch them. They also include wire and hardware, so you can easily and immediately hang them.

Brad Antifolk

Original Abstract Painting by Brad Antifolk | Abstract Art on Canvas | My Dingo
Original Abstract Painting by Brad Antifolk | Abstract Art on Canvas | Wretched & Sublime

Original Abstract Painting by Brad Antifolk | Abstract Art on Canvas | Danceclubbing All Night

Original Abstract Painting by Brad Antifolk | Abstract Art on Canvas | Fragile Animal
Original Abstract Painting by Brad Antifolk | Abstract Art on Canvas | On the Brink of Eruption


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“Freddie Mercury” – Original Artwork by MR BABES

James “BABES” Kopp (b.1983), professionally known as MR.BABES, is a Miami-based neo-pop artist whose vibrant paintings are exhibited and collected around the world.

After receiving his BFA from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Kopp found 15 years of notable success across South Florida as an investment art broker, fine art educator, and gallery curator. During this time, he privately developed and sold his own artwork under the alias MR.BABES.

With a clear influence and adoration of ’80s and ‘90s pop culture, MR.BABES vividly captures the heroes and icons of his youth on canvas. The artist’s unique style of painting is a colorful fusion of pop, expressionism, and street genres (e.g. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat).

Every work of MR.BABES art is original, hand painted, and one of a kind.

Koby Feldmos

Falling Ovals from Sky, Koby Feldmos
45″ 45″ (115 x 115 cm)
Oil on canvas
Curtain of Flowers, Koby Feldmos
60″ 40″ (150 X 100 cm)
Oil on canvas

Koby studied at the Art School in Tel Aviv, descendant of a family of jewelers, he specialized in gold and diamonds and designing jewelry in the family business. In recent years, Feldmos abandoned jewelry design in favor of painting. Painting is something he dealt with in the past, and today dedicates himself fully to the craft of painting, as well as developing a style that distinguishes him on the national stage as well as on the international stage in the 21st century. The artist’s picturesque style is inspired by the French movement which developed in Post Impressionism in the 19th century, Pointillism. This technique is expressed in paintings which are made up of points.

Feldmos, on the other hand, works using a technique which is characterized by short, quick draws of a paint-laden brush, which stand out from the painting substrate, something which distinguishes his paintings with relation to the traditional conventional painting. His colorfulness is characterized by an uneven mix of colors, creating depth and a wide range of the color scale, built in the piece seemingly randomly, but there is thought and precision to each touch, reference to light and shadow, composition and flow. Behind each representation in his paintings there is thought on the flow direction, making it harmonious and complete.

The painted objects and subjects are inspired from the artist’s world of imagery, and yet have a global character. There is a range of series of paintings, the newest of which is a series of large paintings of an abstract composition, characterized by the proliferation and duplication of images floating on the canvas or flowing through it. The trademark which is replicated in the artist’s work is the black splash, whose purpose is to enhance the contrast and break the meticulous image. This way the handcraft contains within it the calculated precision in the details against the contrasting of untamed and uncontrolled expressive.

Mark Kazav

Mark Kazav,
Oil on Canvas
Tree in Blossom Spring Time , Mark Kazov
20×24 inches. Acrylic Oil on Canvas
Modern Abstract Impressionist , Mark Kazov
20 X 16
Oil on Canvas

Mark Kazov artist statement:

“I use my palette knife to add unique texture. I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy.. so viewers can enjoy it for many years later..even, after we all gone..”

I was born in 1960 in Moldova, former republic of Soviet Union. Served in Soviet Army from 1980 to 1982 as musician. My world was turned upside down in nineties, when me and my family were forced to flee the USSR because of chaos and local wars. In Canada, new country I began to look for different ways to express himself without the constrains of not knowing English. In the spring of 1998, “inspired” by my bare walls, I touched his brushes for very first time and …was hooked. I was fascinated with the boundless possibilities oil had given him. my first local exhibition in 1999 in Toronto sold out quickly. As a new artist was overwhelmed by his success when my art was presented on World Wide Web. Since then I enjoy growing popularity in many countries. My paintings are now in numerous Private and Corporate collections of USA, Austria, Italy,

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